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Frequently Asked Questions

*How long is the rental for?
Our rentals are good for up to 6 hours. Our current operating hours are 8am to 8pm. You may choose your delivery and pick up times between this time frame (subject to time slot availability). Additional hours may be purchased at $25 per hr. Equipment may be picked up the following morning depending on the circumstance and location of setup for an additional $50 (overnight fee). Free overnight if the unit is delivered after at 5pm or after. 

*Do I need to pay a deposit?
A $50 deposit is required to make a reservation. Your deposit will go towards your total.  Call, txt, email, or simply fill out our contact form under the "Contact Us" tab to send us a request. You will be contacted by us within 24hrs.

*How/When do I pay?

Remaining balance on your reservation is paid upon delivery. We accept cash or card.

Is installation included?

Yes, installation and takedown is included with your rental.  

*What happens if weather?
If bad weather is forecasted you have the option to wait until the morning of your event to decide if you would like to move forward with your rental, granted it is safe enough to do so. If we do have to cancel due to bad weather you will not lose your deposit, we will credit your deposit to any future rental of your choice (subject to availability). Your deposit credit is valid for up to a year from original rental date.

*How soon in advance should I book my bounce house?
The sooner the better for availability purposes. Average booking is two weeks in advance.

Any reservation cancelled within 24hrs will be refunded minus processing fees. If you decide to cancel your reservation after 24hrs you will forfeit your deposit (excluding weather reasons). Outside of bad weather you may move your reservation for any reason to a future date with a minimum 7 day notice of your rental date. 

*Delivery Fee?
Our delivery fees starts at $10. Delivery fee depends on delivery location. Delivery fee includes delivery and pickup. 

*Theme Banners?
Cartoon banners are optional. Every Basic Unit & Combo Unit has the option to attach a pair of banners to the front of it. There is a $20 fee for a pair of banners.

​*Tables & Chairs Only?

We do offer table and chair only rentals with a $100 order minimum. This minimum also applies for concession only rentals.